Mayor’s Vision

Glenarden’s future relies on Citizen involvement, Revitalization and continued Growth!- Mayor Edward Estes


Mayor Edward Estes
17th Mayor of Glenarden, Maryland- Mayor Edward Estes.

As Mayor of Glenarden, I will focus on providing a more inclusive city that will encourage and promote citizen participation in the development of a government that will address the concerns and needs of the residents and communities. To start, here is a list of my Goals that are set forth before you, the Citizens of Glenarden. If we can work together as one, we can make a difference in Glenarden and send a strong message to the local, County, State and US Government that now is a time for a change.


  1. Encourage the Citizens, local Civic Associations, Homeowner Associations, Neighborhood Associations, Businesses and other Interest Groups to re-enact the original Charter powers and duties that provide the citizens with a “Strong” Mayor position in the City Administration and Government. 
  2. Restore the confidence of the Citizens to support the City’s Charter original intent to allow the Mayor to be a “Strong” Mayor and the Chief Executive Officer.
  3. Help to restore a more positive opinion of the city image from the citizens, business owners, as well as, local, county and state officials.
  4. Create a new Economic Development plan for the city and re-establish a full-time Economic Development Advisory Committee that will provide reports to the citizens monthly. Focus on job opportunities for citizens and help to raise incomes.
  5. Focus the City Council and citizens on supporting the need to improve the crumbling Infrastructure fairly for everyone in the city.
  6. Provide ways to make Public Safety a community effort and not just police alone.
  7. Address the City Budget with more integrity to build a better foundation for establishing a more successful City Government.  
  8. Help the County’s School system to better define the quality of the services they provide for our communities.
  9. Create opportunities to attain pathways for the future and existing middle class by adding more quality and affordable housing in available undeveloped properties in the City.
  10. Provide more innovative and technological government and community services for the citizens.
  11. Assure that the city will provide a sustainable environment through clean air,  clean water, nourishing food and efficient energy.
  12. Ensure that our historic and great city is driven by a vision, a vision in which the contributions of every member of society irrespective of race, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation is respected.
  13. Assure that both working and retired men and women residing in Glenarden earning less than 100 percent of the federal poverty level have access to healthcare by improving the partnership with County and State services.