FBI HQ Decision Expected ‘In The Coming Months’ As GSA Picks Final Decision-Makers

The General Services Administration has taken the unusual step of laying out its decision-making process to select a new FBI headquarters site, promising a decision will arrive “in the coming months.”

The federal government’s procurement arm, which is responsible for real estate decisions, including the FBI’s search, revealed that two GSA employees and one FBI employee will independently review the pitches made by the three finalists: Greenbelt and Landover, Maryland, and Springfield, Virginia.

Following their reviews, a senior government official will make a final determination on the site. Their names were redacted from documents shared by the GSA on Friday.

“From the beginning, it has been our priority to identify a new headquarters solution that best meets the needs of the FBI and our workforce, and is a good deal for the taxpayers,” FBI Assistant Director for the Finance and Facilities Division Nicholas Dimos said in a statement. “We appreciate the efforts of GSA to work in tandem with the FBI to craft a clear process to select the location for the FBI’s suburban campus within the National Capital Region.”


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